Weeks ago, you were a classroom teacher. Now suddenly you’re a remote teacher and like always, students are depending on you to help them learn and succeed. Wacom digital pen products deliver the freedom and flexibility to use the instructional materials and apps you already have and make them more engaging for students and more effective for you. whether you teach math, science, art or social studies, Wacom pen tablets can help you introduce new ideas, reinforce core concepts and inspire students to see new possibilities.

  • Dynamically show the work for math and science lessons.
  • Provide virtual painting and digital art instruction.
  • Annotate and grade worksheets.
  • Teach real-time lectures and engaging lessons on virtual whiteboards.
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Remote Teaching Is Full of Possibilities

Check out remote learning resources explaining remote learning technologies and teaching methods. We’ve set our sights on helping you enrich and enhance the remote instruction you’re providing for students and igniting your own creativity in developing and delivering engaging learning experiences for your students.

Wacom Solutions for Remote Teaching & Learning

Wacom’s pen displays and tablets provide you with flexible options to support your specific instructional needs, content focus and unique, personal teaching style. All Wacom products work with MacOS and Windows machines, and with minimal set up time, you'll be using your new pen in minutes. Our support staff are experts at assisting with the technical needs and are available via phone and chat.

Interested in volume purchases for classrooms and districts?

Wacom can provide institutional pricing and support for qualified schools and universities looking to help out their faculty and student body with distance learning tools.
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