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Online classrooms with digital whiteboards, need digital pens.

Math and science teachers have long relied on physical blackboards and whiteboards to write out math problems, draw chemical structures, diagram scientific principles and share handwritten notes. Wacom products provide simple solutions to put a pen back in the hands of online teachers and their students.

Collaboration between students and teachers.

Presentations, demonstrations, and sharing content in common education and online meeting applications is simple with a Wacom pen product. They are digital markers for you, and your students, to sketch write, annotate and collaborate on shared digital whiteboards.

Teacher resources

We’ve assembled some of the best educators to create articles and videos that get you prepared for teaching your classes remotely this year.

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Webinars for Teachers

Check out great webinars for educators looking for live teaching sessions on how to connect with the students in a remote environment.

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Reliability and Quality

Famous for quality and reliability, Wacom has been a leading innovator and brand of digital pen products for more than 35 years. Wacom products are widely available where educators and students shop.

Wacom pens work with nearly any online teaching platform

Wacom pen products bring an affordable digital pen to any Mac, PC and online meeting or teaching platform such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams and many more. They work like a mouse in any application, and are excellent tools for creating presentations, annotating PDFs and live Power Point presentations.

Wacom Intuos

Our best-selling pen tablet, ideal for math and science educators looking for an easy to use and portable pen device for their Windows or Mac computer. Allows for annotation and real-time whiteboarding on nearly any online meeting application like Zoom and Google Classroom.

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Wacom One

Wacom One attaches to your Mac or PC and allows you to write directly on the screen to solve equations, create diagrams and write notes in the most natural way possible.

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Interested in volume purchases for classrooms and districts?

Wacom can provide institutional pricing and support for qualified schools and universities looking to help out their faculty and student body with distance learning tools.

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